Dub Székház Radio Show 02/01/2010 @ Friss Rádió

Funki Porcini: Carbide
Fedaden: Music boksz
Villeneuve: Patterns (Mondkopf remix)
Four Tet: Love Cry (Joy Orbison remix)
Joy Orbison: BRKLN CLLN
Glide & Swarve: Inner dub
Proxy: Raven
Etienne Jaumet: Through the strata
Joakim: Spiders
Jazzanova: Behold these days (Berlin ’74)
Nekta: Sommelier
The Beatles: Strawberry Acid
Gichy Dan’s: On a day like today (T. Terje rmx)
Beachwood no 9   
Madioko n Rafika: Ellelli (kalabrese rmx)
Leftfiled: Afro Central (feat. djum Djum)
Olafur Arnalds    okaou augurum (Dyad 1909 version)
Janette Slack: Around the block
Pivot: The quick mile
Soul Lichtfiled: Throw Ups
Dimitar Dodovski: Particle System 

2 thoughts on “Dub Székház Radio Show 02/01/2010 @ Friss Rádió

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